Strider Coffee Roasters, Midnight Blend, Whole Bean, Dark Roast, Brazil, Specialty Coffee, 12 oz

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  • Dark roast, whole bean coffee from Brazil. Tasting notes of Walnut and Dried Fruit
    • Smooth, medium bodied cup perfect anytime of day 
    • 100% Arabica Coffee
    • Suggested Brewing Methods: Drip Machine, French Press, Espresso
    • Origin: Brazil Cerrado. We use the highest graded coffee beans from Brazil. Ethically sourced from local farmers to ensure quality growing and working environments
    • Roasted in Ohio, in small-batches to ensure quality, consistency and freshness in every batch

    Our Midnight Blend is the best Dark Roast coffee for everyone to enjoy! Whether you enjoy it black or with some cream and sugar, this coffee will not disappoint. We recommend our Midnight Blend for fans of dark roast coffees. We source all our coffee from socially and environmental responsible farmers and cooperatives around the globe. All our coffee is expertly roasted in small-batches at our Roastery in Ohio to ensure quality, consistency and freshness in every roast.