Strider Coffee Roasters was born in 2021 from Orion Coffee And Tea. Orion has been around since 2019 and we were roasting coffee from our cafe in Cedarville, Ohio. In 2020, we greatly outgrew our space and decided it was time for an upgrade to our coffee roasting operation. We purchased a new Diedrich IR-12 coffee roaster, rented some excellent retail space in Springfield and launched our new brand- Strider Coffee Roasters. Strider's mission is to globally source the best specialty coffee, roast it locally for our community and deliver the coffee fresh. 

We roast our coffee in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. We are constantly tasting and testing our roasts to ensure they are on profile. Roasting many times a week ensures the freshest coffee is being delivered to our customers. 

Strider also offers the entire selection of Orion Loose Leaf Teas. These teas again are sourced globally from the highest quality producers. We blend the teas in house to create unique flavors. 

Strider Coffee Roasters offers the best home brewing equipment to help you brew the best cup of coffee or tea at home. We offer a wide selection of manual brewers, automatic brewers, grinders, filters and other accessories. We also have a library of educational information to help you dial in your brews from home.